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Buy your tickets now for the 2nd Montreal Volunteer Awards Gala to be held on Thursday, April 11, 2019 from 5:30 pm.

Pay Online

You can pay for your tickets online through PayPal. Please note that the prices displayed on this page are for a single ticket. Don’t forget to consult our terms of sale before purchase.

Ticket Categories

Standard $150

Recognition Package*
(Includes 2 tickets  »Organization » and 2 tickets  »Volunteer »)

Member organization* $75

Member organization volunteer*

Table (8 people) $1,100


*For organizations only.

Pay by Check

Do you wish to pay by check? Please send your order with the form below. Do not forget to consult our terms of sale before purchase.


Terms of sale:

  1. The VBM reserves the right to refuse any discounted purchase that does not meet the following crieteria:
    1. To be a member organization
    2. Respect tickets limit for member organization and their volunteers
  2. Any selected finalist has a free ticket for the Gala (3 finalists per category). The purchase of a ticket for the finalist is therefore not necessary. In the Group Volunteering Award, however, note that only one representative from a finalist group can get a free ticket. In the Group Volunteering Award category, however, note that only one finalist group representative can receive a free ticket. Other members of the group can benefit from a reduced ticket at $ 50 and a second half price with the purchase of Recognition Package.
  3. Online purchase of tickets must be made by credit card. You must fill out all fields of the reservation form and include your full name and email, as well as all pertinent information displayed on the credit card used to buy tickets.Your order will be forwarded to you when the information form received after the transaction has been duly completed and submitted.
  4. In case of cancellation, you must inform the Volunteer Bureau of Montreal at paiement@cabm.net 30 days before the event, specifically no later then March 12, 2019, 5:00 pm. The Volunteer Bureau of Montreal reserves the right to retain 50% of the purchase value for its administrative expenses in case of cancellations up to March 12. After this date, we will retain the purchase value in full.
  5. On the day of the Gala, please present yourself at the Theatre Paradoxe reception area. Volunteers will check your tickets before inviting you inside the venue. In order to facilitate the process, we kindly request that you bring a copy of your electronic ticket received by email.
  6. Please note that the Volunteer Bureau of Montreal reserves the right to refuse a purchase if it exceeds the limited number of places listed in the Pay online section.
  7. The venue is not presently adapted for persons with limited mobility. A temporary ramp can however be installed. To get more details, please write to communications@cabm.net.


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